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  • JiangSu Right Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. Welcome you!
      • contactMr Zhou

      • phone+86-513-88782909

      • mobile+86-13901478678    

      • fax+86-513-88835262

      • email958317372@qq.com  

      • urlwww.zardens.com

      • addressNo.152, KaiYuan Av. Hai'an town, jiangsu Province, China

    About us

    About Right Machinery Company

    Jiangsu Right Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise in Jiansu Province, built in 1954 and originally known as Haian County Factory. We specialize in producing compound fertilizer equipment, complete cement machinery equipment, precision ball screw unit, precision linear rolling guide, linear motor, and intelligentized three-dimensional parking equipment. Meanwhile, we also undertake overall contracting projects, such as marine working ship, crane machinery, oil drilling platform, etc. 

    As an AAA credit enterprise, Right Machinery Company has complete compound fertilizer production base, Nantong City Rolling Functional Unit Research Center, and Jiangsu Province Rollinng Functional Unit Detection Center. Besides, we are also a member of CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders Association). 


    With over 50 years of growth and development, we now have assets totaling 268.56million RMB. We have 628 staff, 179 of whom are professional technicians. And among those professional technicians, 25 technicians have senior technical titles and 43 technicians have intermediate technical titles. We cover an area of 100,000m2, with a workshop area of 70,000m2. Meanwhile, we own 630 units of production equipments, of which 58 units are large and of high precision. Therefore, our company has a large production capacity and can better satisfy various demands of our clients. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         With several decades of production experience, we have got our own complete and reliable production process flows, and quality assurance system. We have obtained certificates of ISO9001:2008 and ABS QE. Meanwhile, we have undertaken many plans of new products, major scientific and technological achievements, torch plans, and scientific and technological plans, all of which are either national or provincial level. Besides, our company has 51 new national utility models and inventive patents, and many of our products have been obtained technological progress awards from Jiangsu province. Our products have also got golden bull award for excellent products of Jiangsu Province, and we have Jiangsu Province high-tech product certificate and national key new product certificate. 

    As a result of our continuous efforts, our company has become one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of electromechanical equipments in similar industry of China. And we have a large variety of equipments with various specifications, and our automation degree is very high. 

    Jiangsu Right Machinery Group Co., Ltd will always observe the policy: relying on science and technology, breaking new grounds and innovating, quality first, and customers first. With this aim, we hope we can satisfy more needs of our customers. 

    Products and Applications:

    As a professional manufacturer of fertilizer and building material equipment and rolling functional unit in China, we mainly specialize in producing complete compound fertilizer equipment, complete building and mining equipment, rolling functional units, shearing machine, press brake, plate rolling machine, etc. And our products are mainly used in compound fertilizer production field, chemical industry, building material field, cement production industry, and so on. 

    All of our products are available in various specifications. And they are quite popular among our customers in America, Europe, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Bengal, Myanmar, Nigeria, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and more. 

    Technical Advantage:

    About our fertilizer and building material equipments: 

    1.Our fertilizer equipment is highly automated. It employs automatic dosing mode and all the technical indexes of moisture, temperature, and air pressure are automatically controlled. The packing process is also automatic.

    2.All of our fertilizer and building equipments are rationally and scientifically designed. With abiding by the highest national industrial standards and production experience of over 30 years, we can design every production line according to specific requirements of our customers. 

    3.All of our products are highly reliable and easy to control. And they have features of high quality, high durability, convenient maintenance, low operation cost, etc.

    4.All of our products have met international environmental production standards and have no dust emission. 

    About our rolling functional units:

    1.We have various specification and high-level rolling functional units. We have two large production lines for rolling functional units. With features of energy conservation, high precision, and super length, our products are applicable to various production designs. 

    2.Our research, development and design capacity is very strong. In our company, there is city-level rolling functional unit research center, and detection center. The chief technical engineer of our company is a draftman for national industrial standards. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with many famous universities in China to research and develop new products. 

    3.All of our rolling functional units are of high quality and of high precision. We own 56 precision units in our company, and our precision degree of the numerical control is in the leading level in China. Our independently designed super-long screw rods are the longest in China and its diameter is also largest in China. 

    Quality and Cost Control:

    In order to provide high-quality products and best service for our customers, we always insist on doing the following things:

    1.Based on the national standards and requirements of production process, we have made our own quality standards and also strictly adhere to those standards. All the processes from outsourced parts to the processing by ourselves are controlled by the quality control department. 

    2.All of our steel materials are purchased from famous Baosteel Group Company and Masteel Group Company in China, and after purchased, those steel materials should be thoroughly checked by our quality control department before putting into use. In this way, high quality of our products is guaranteed from the very beginning. 

    3.We have obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS. And in our production process, we strictly adhere to the ISO9001 quality management standards and carefully allocate physical resources and labor power to optimize the utilization of our resources.


    To better serve our customers, we offer installation and debugging service for your equipment, and we also help to train your operators, and to repair or replace accessory parts. Our after-sale service personnel are always ready to solve any technical problems you may meet when using any of our products. We also provide OEM service to our customers. 

    Besides, all of our products come with a set of spare parts and a one year warranty.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us. 

    Title:Fertilizer Equipment,Fertilizer Production Line-Right Machinery Group

    Keywords: Fertilizer Equipment, Fertilizer Production Line

    Description: China fertilizer production line and fertilizer equipment manufacturer. With several decades of production experience, we have got our own complete and reliable production process flows, and quality assurance system.

      AddressNo.152, KaiYuan Av. Hai'an town, jiangsu Province, China
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      Professional production:Fertilizer machine, Fertilizer equipment, NPK fertilizer machineAnd other products,Welcome to call and inquire!All .
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